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Craft for Lent – Fasting Wheel

“No act of virtue can be great if it is not followed by advantage for others.” Pope Francis

This Lent, we would like to encourage our little ones to think about how they can give something up for the good of those around them. Instead of purely fasting from a food that they like, or fasting from screen time, we would like for them to see how these actions can have a positive impact for someone else.

To introduce this concept, we’ve come up with a fasting wheel which gives some suggested ideas on what children can fast from, and how by giving these things up, it can positively influence those around them.


We have included free printables of this wheel that you can work on with your children.

There is a black and white version that you can colour in and decorate as you like, and we’ve also added a blank wheel if you and your child would like to come up with your own suggestions of what behaviour/actions to fast from. You simply print on A4 cardstock, cut out the 2 circles and attach them to each other using a paper fastener.

Downloads are available here:

Fasting Spinner Wheel bw

Fasting Spinner Wheel blank

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